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Kerma Expo 2018
Celebrating earth architecture and Kerma culture  the expo will contain several activates , to revive the old
spirit and continue our anchorites vision by developing what they have started long time ago and bringing the
Earth together.
Expo program :
presenting the new technology of earth architecture , from our professional participants , companies and
architects all around the worlds.
2-Dokki Gell Program
The Dokki Gel program will be an opportunity to accompany the legendary Mr. Bonnet in his work on his discovery
expedition in the site of Dokki Gel for 35 persons (five persons per day) upon previous registration and fee. It
also includes a night talk presented by Mr. Bonnet that is open to the public attendance
3-SAF Trip
SAF has a regular program of organizing educational\cultural trips inside and outside Sudan. SAF has organized
two trips to Kerma in 2013 and 2014 in addition to a trip to Sawakin as part of Swakin Week in 2015. An international
trip to Tokyo was organized in 2016.
This trip will be taking a road rout from Kerma towards the archeological sites in Sudan and continue the way to the
Nubian parts of Egypt and then back to Khartoum.

4-Archeological Tours:
A total number of 8 archeological day-time tours will be organized by an outsourced tourism company to take the visitors
who wish to join in an educational cultural tour in the archeological sites of the area.
5-Camping nights:
A total number of 3 camping nights will be organized by an outsourced tourism agency.
6-Nubian Culture Nights
is side night activity to showcase the culture of Sudan in general showing that Kerma was the historical joint point for
the people of Sudan from the West, the South and the Nubian North.
7-Entertainment Night Program
A set of side events that include local games, cooking lessons, making of local costumes and jewelry, learning of pottery,
film screening and a Ruttana night.

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