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Kerma weather:

The weather in Kerma during January and February is sunny but cold relatively comparing to other months in Sudan ,expected temperature:
Min (°C /°F) 11 /52
Max (°C /°F) 24/75

Visa for Sudan:
If you are visiting Sudan you surly need a visa except Citizens of the following 6 countries can visit Sudan without a visa:
Egypt (except 18-49 year old males), Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Syria, Yemen

Citizens of the following 3 countries may obtain a visa for Sudan on arrival, provided that they are arriving directly from the country of citizenship:, Kenya, Malaysia
,Turkey (valid for 1 month)
Holders of diplomatic or official/service/special passports issued to nationals of Algeria, China, Brazil, Congo, Ethiopia, Iran, Namibia, Turkey and Vietnam and holders of diplomatic passports of South Sudan do not require a visa for Sudan.

If you are not from one of the mentioned countries you will get an automatic invitation letter with your registration to attend the Expo and the conference event .
Take this letter to the Sudanese responsible diplomatic body (embassy) in your country for visa issue .
Mandatory Police Registration for all nationalities is required within 24 hours of arrival to Sudan it can be done inside the airport .

Accommodation :
Coming soon links and details about places to stay in kerma

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